First Touchdown Picks for Super Bowl 56

First Touchdown Picks for Super Bowl 56

Our First Touchdown Picks for Super Bowl 56

Los Angeles Rams @ Cincinnati Bengals
Feb 13 Sun

Cooper Kupp + 500

Odell Beckham  +900

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There are a ton of different prop bets that you can participate for the Super Bowl 56. Nevertheless, we are going to be covering the prop bet of who will score the first touchdown of the game.

Quarterbacks are noted in these odds, however a passing touchdown does not count. They would have to run it into the end zone themselves for it to be attributed to them.

Let’s begin with the First Touchdown Scorer existing leader in this category and work our way down the list.

Cooper Kupp

Cooper Kupp is the early favorite to score the first touchdown which makes a lot of sense.

Kupp has scored a touchdown in every single game in the playoffs so far. He also has more than 300 receiving yards period.

It is quite clear that Matthew Stafford loves throwing the football to him and he is a reputable adequate target to regularly get open.

On top of all that, the Cincinnati Bengals permitted Patrick Mahomes to toss for 127 lawns and 3 touchdowns in the very first half of their AFC Championship game.

This team usually takes some time to get settled, and due to their inexperience in huge games they may allow a quick touchdown to open things up.

Who much better to score that first touchdown than the guy that has been strolling into completion zone once a game?

All of it seems very likely that Kupp comes away with it, however there are still some much better options.

Personally, I feel like Kupp will be the one to score. I do not think that the Bengals will enter into the end zone on their opening drive due to the nerves that they will probably be playing with.

Los Angeles will have nerves of their own, but if they touch the ball initially, they can score quickly when the Bengals aren’t fully settled in.

Kupp simply seems like an extremely obvious choice especially due to the fact that he always seems to discover completion zone in some way.

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Joe Mixon

Joe Mixon is the second here.

Mixon is the running back for the Bengals. He hasn’t had himself a really effective postseason on the stat sheet, taking 52 rushes for 190 lawns and one touchdown through three games.

Nevertheless, he has been getting the ball a lot at the goal line when Cincinnati arrives.

It just so takes place that the group kicks a lot of field goals and typically scores from farther out due to Joe Burrow’s dominance when tossing the football.

Mixon has broken some strong runs recently and if the Bengals march down the field early on, a run up the middle may surprise the Rams strong defensive line.

Unfortunately, that defensive line is extremely talented, making this a lot harder. Anytime you have Aaron Donald and Von Miller in the very same location, it’s difficult to run the football.

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Cam Akers

We have Cam Akers in third. This is a hard one to trust.

Akers might be listed pretty extremely however that is only since he is the Rams starting running back.

If the team goes down the field to score a touchdown on any drive, running backs typically get goal line carries.

Akers made his return from a destructive offseason injury prior to the playoffs started.

He took 17 brings for 55 yards in the game against the Arizona Cardinals. Then he followed it up with 24 rushes for 48 backyards and 2 essential fumbles against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Fortunately, he got better with 13 brings for 48 backyards versus the San Franciso 49ers.

In total, he has 151 yards on 54 brings and has yet to get himself into completion zone.

If you are going to bank on the first touchdown scored, Akers doesn’t look like the guy to finish the job considering his ineffectiveness through the last 3 games.

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Ja’Marr Chase

Moving on is Ja’Marr Chase at number four. It’s hard to not talk about Ja’Marr Chase and goals.

The novice phenom wide receiver has been flying all over the field.

He had scored 14 total touchdowns throughout the routine season however has been held to just one throughout the playoffs.

Much of that is due to the fact that their challengers are even triple and normally double teaming him down the field.

The reason Chase has a great chance of scoring first is since the Rams are going to tag Jalen Ramsey on him.

While that may seem like a bad thing, it will suggest that Chase can get individually matches with Ramsey on one side of the football field.

Ramsey doesn’t make mistakes often, but Chase may end up unexpected him with his quickness on the opening drive and possibly breaking free for a quick strike touchdown.

After that though, it will be difficult sledding. Thankfully, this prop bet only cares about that very first touchdown.

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Odell Beckham

We come to Odell Beckham here on the odds list for the very first touchdown scorer.

Beckham has been progressively improving with the Rams every week that he has existed.

His very first playoff game saw him get 4 catches for 54 yards and a touchdown. Then he followed it up with 6 receptions for 69 lawns. Then versus the 49ers he had 9 catches for 113 yards.

His only postseason touchdown came against the Cardinals, but Odell has actually been progressively effective.

His production makes that really clear to fans. Plus, Stafford has actually begun to trust him a lot more in this offense.

I would think of that a ton of Cincinnati protectors will be following Kupp closely, possibly leaving Beckham in single coverage at points throughout the very first drive.

We can also indicate the exact same things we did earlier when speaking about Kupp.

Cincinnati didn’t cover Tyreek Hill well at all to open the game, but locked him down in the second half.

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Touchdown Scorer Picks

Beckham and Kupp will get opportunities early on prior to the Bengals truly begin to get comfy, that makes both of them fantastic choices to score the first touchdown.

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