Best NFL Websites – Top 5 NFL Betting Blogs Worth Bookmarking

 NFL BlogsWith all the NFL blogs on the internet these days, there is no time to read everything out there. If you’re a busy guy, but still want to get your dose of football knowledge – you need to be selective about which blogs you want to dedicate your time to reading. Your time is valuable, and you want to be soaking up entertaining and informative content on NFL football.

Luckily, we’re here for you. We’ve gone through the top NFL blogs on the internet and chose our top five best NFL blogs. These sites are ranked by frequency of content, the overall value of content, entertainment and humor, and the communities surrounding each blog. However, all are great options and will easily fulfill your NFL needs, whether you’re a die-hard fan, fantasy sports player, or sports bettor.

NFL Gridiron Gab

Gridiron Gab is an excellent news and opinion site when it comes to everything NFL. Their news section is great for updates on all the weekly happenings in the league. They can be used both for sports betting and fantasy analysis. Like other blogs on this list, they also have blogs devoted to each NFL franchise that are frequently updated. This is one of the smaller, but newer blogs on the list and they have a lot of room for growth. They’re also slowly building their NFL sports betting content with free picks and betting analysis.

Barstool Sports

NFL LogoThey’re not an NFL blog per se, but plenty of their content centers around the National Football League and they’re certainly entertaining in everything they cover. Barstool started back in 2003 with the founder, David Portnoy, and has now grown into an international brand. Barstool Sports is now worth $100 million. Barstool has a whole host of bloggers, podcasts, and all sorts of content related to the NFL, other sports, and pop culture. They have a gambling section, offer up free picks, via the “Barstool Sports Advisors,” and have a seemingly endless amount of exciting and most importantly, hilarious content.

Football Outsiders

Football Outsiders is home to one of the most predictive statistics for fantasy football and comprehensive analytics, DVOA (Defense-adjusted Value Over Average). They’re not only an excellent site for NFL data and analytics but have all sorts of other content. They have a partnership with ESPN and are one of the best sites to go to for news and information about the league. Their analysis of betting odds is excellent, along with their editorial/blog content. Not only are they an elite site when it comes to statistics, but they offer all sorts of other material that will make you a better fantasy player and sports bettor.

Bleacher Report

nfl bettingBR is a blog that has just about every sport on the planet covered, but they certainly don’t lack when it comes to NFL content. Everything is available there, from blogging, a YouTube channel, news updates, and with BR Betting, lots of picks and odds updates. Bleacher Report also offers a blog on every NFL franchise, giving them nearly unlimited content and a following for every team in the league. They have so much content across their NFL pages and team-specific blogs that you could easily spend all day reading new stuff.


SB Nation is the gold standard for blogging and all sorts of NFL content. Not only do they do an excellent job with multimedia and site design, but their content is among the best on the web and the most entertaining and informative. They cover everything from fantasy sports, sports betting, opinion, news and everything in between. We’ve talked a lot about other sites on this list in the sense of blogs for each team, but the blog network at SB Nation is the best online. Their NFL network of blogs are nationally recognized. They are not only sports blogs with professional writers, but vibrant communities that surround each team with lots of discussion in the comment sections and forums to debate topics. SB Nation NFL is easily our No. 1 pick for best NFL blog on the internet.

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