NBA Playoffs Bracket 2019 – Bracket Challenge Betting Contest

NBA Playoff Bracket Betting challenge:

The NBA regular season is a great way to make money every night betting on basketball.

Yet, the real action starts with the NBA playoffs and the road to the Finals.

The NBA postseason has eight teams per conference that will get eliminated down to the last two in a seven-game series every round.

Filling in the NBA Playoff Bracket Betting contest is a little tricky. While for many, the league doesn’t have enough upsets, for others, the playoffs represent the only chance where getting hot matters.

What I can tell you is getting your NBA playoffs bracket ready March Madness-style is one of the most fun parts of the season.

Here are a few tips on how to play the NBA Playoff Bracket Betting challenge:

  1. Look for a printable NBA Playoffs Bracket Betting contest: actually look for might be the wrong way to put it as we have one already made for NBA betting fans. Pretty much what you need to do is just print it and start filling it out. Once you know which teams are for sure in the playoffs, then you can start planning the road to the NBA Finals.
  2. It’s always better to play with friends: get a few friends that enjoy the NBA to join the NBA Playoffs Bracket Betting challenge. I’m sure it won’t be that hard to find people to play with. The league is one of the most famous in the world, and many people understand the game and how the playoffs work. Establish an entry from $30-40 per bracket, and then you can have a huge pot by the end. The player with the best bracket wins it all. When you have these two steps ready, this is how you win it all…
  3. Use the NBA futures is to guide you: the NBA betting odds will tell you which teams are more inclined to win a series or to go far in the playoffs. While you might like the Denver Nuggets’ chances because it is your favorite team, the oddsmakers might disagree. The house is always going to see the raw numbers and trends and might us more accurate information than the TV bubbleheads talking about their favorites on TNT or ESPN.
  4. Take a look at the NBA playoffs series betting odds: the seeding in the playoffs is determinate by the record earned during the regular season, but that doesn’t mean one team is far better than the other just because of that parameter. Whenever two teams are set to clash, the oddsmakers will put odds on which team will be favorite not only to win one game but the entire series. Follow what the odds say to determine which teams are more likely to advance.
  5. The Zig-Zag theory: while the Golden State Warriors have pretty much destroyed the Zig-zag theory because of their domination in the league, it still works for the rest of the league. When betting on the NBA, the Zig-Zag theory recommends that if a team wins game one, it’s more likely to lose game two because of the adjustments.
  6. Bet on the NBA playoffs: filling the NBA Playoffs Bracket Betting challenge is both profitable and fun, but you can add a little spice to it by actually betting on the NBA games. Use the information and the tips I just gave you to take winners for real. You can increase your bank role doing some NBA betting and have fun at the same time.
  7. Have fun: bragging rights will be at stakes when the NBA Playoffs Bracket Betting starts. But don’t forget to have a lot of fun. The NBA playoffs are the culmination of a long season. The best you can to while betting on the NBA is to enjoy the games.

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