NHL Playoff Bracket 2019 – Stanley Cup Bracket Betting Contest

Stanley Cup odds update

You can have your NBA playoffs; I’ll have the bloody teeth, the upsets and the fights on the ice.

The NHL playoffs are around the corner and with it the chance to fill the NHL Playoffs Bracket betting challenge.

If you have never played it, you are definitely missing out.

If you are a die-hard fan, you already have an edge, but if you are a casual fan, I have a few tips on how to upset your friends. Watching hockey playoffs is one of my favorite parts of the sports calendar. The excitement and crazy results are unmatchable in my book.

Let’s start on how to play the NHL Playoffs Bracket Betting challenge:

  1. Find a printable NHL Playoffs Bracket betting contest: This is the easiest step because we have our own NHL Playoffs Bracket Betting printable. After finding the playoffs seeds for each team, then the road to the 2019 Stanley Cup will be set. It’s game on.
  2. Play with friends: There is nothing better than playing with friends or co-workers who follow the NHL or are just sports fans down to their core. When you are allowed to be a prick rubbing a win over a friend, then you can say pettiness and happiness have crossed roads. It’s a great feeling.
  3. Bet the NHL Playoffs Bracket Betting contest: start an NHL pool of $10 to $20 with friends. The one with the best bracket wins it all. You can also bet on the NHL during the playoffs. Your hockey knowledge can help you cash in big bucks during the postseason. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t bet all season; this is the perfect time to start. Now, it’s time for the moneymaker tips to fill the perfect NHL Playoffs Bracket Betting contest
  4. Goalies matter… a lot: There isn’t anything that matters most than a hot goalie entering the playoffs. A goalie with a great momentum will carry his team as far as he wants. Goalies frustrate playmakers and bring down an entire team game plan whenever he’s in the zone. Do a quick search on the best one entering the postseason.
  5. Follow the NHL Future to fill the bracket: It’s always a great tip look at the NHL future betting odds to find out which teams are more likely to end up in the Stanley Cup. The oddsmakers follow the league closely and won’t put odds on teams that are not attractive to the public. The NHL future odds are a great source of information.
  6. Don’t forget about the hockey props: above, I just talked about the goalies and their momentum. The NHL betting props will tell you which players are rolling and which are the ones you should stay away. Plus, prop bets are always fun, no matter what.
  7. Take a look at head-to-head stats: playoffs hockey is a lot different from the regular season. The teams’ rotations are reduced, and the best players usually take their play to the next level. But I always recommend checking out the head to head stats for the different series. Some teams are just bad matchups to others. They might not be a better squad, but they match well with a particular opponent. The stats will reveal that, and you can take advantage of it.
  8. Don’t forget to have fun: This might not be a tip per se, but it does help to have fun watching the hockey playoffs and filling out the NHL Playoffs Bracket Betting contest. Many people get really into it and forget to have fun and then, they have a miserable time. It’s not all about that. If you have fun, it’s more likely to see things clearly and avoid making dumb decisions while betting on the NHL playoffs.

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