Gambling Becomes A Concern For The Esports Integrity Coalition

Here we go. The first opposition to Esports gambling has shown up. The commissioner of the Esports Integrity Coalition, Ian Smith, thinks gambling opens a bigger door to cheating than many are realizing at the moment. Smith believes skill-based betting features on battle royal games like Fortnite and PlayerUnknown’s Battleground will likely go popular and there aren’t many tools to govern possible cheating scenarios. “I’m not certain that the tools exist yet that would properly identify the person playing the game is the same person who normally ran that account,” Smith told The Associated Press.

Esports gambling website Unikrn got a license in Malta a month ago that will allow betting on Esports games in over 20 countries. The site will generate betting odds based on the players profile and skills. This is uncharted territory for both the Esports and the gambling community and with that plenty of doubts and fears come to mind. “The battle royale games pose particular problems because they don’t actually lend themselves to traditional esports formats, and therefore to traditional betting formats,” Smith added. “The betting on tournament play is evolving slowly and nobody’s making much money out of it. Everybody’s interested, obviously … but offering interesting and good markets is very, very difficult at this stage.”

Sportsbooks And Esports Betting

North America League of Legends Championship Series BettingRegular sportsbooks around the globe have offer odds for main events in games like League of Legends, DOTA and Counter-Strike in Asia and Europe. But Unikrn is looking for a breakthrough in the industry, setting up all type of odds and bets.Unikrn is not concerned about the security challenge. They will rely on data information to avoid any type of gambling cheating.

“Just like we’re able to flag suspicious activity from an esportsbook customer, we get a deep understanding of our players by the data in their games,” Unikrn chief product officer Karl Flores said in a statement to the AP. “Basic elements, such as checking for suspicious IP address changes, and more complex game information are together used to build player models and create gamer fingerprints.” Smith insists one of the dangers is the feature of peer-to-peer betting. Any player can challenge another and bet on the odds available for that matchup.

“If people feel they’re getting ripped off by boosters and smurfers and guys who play well above their rating in terms of a match-making system, they’re simply going to stop doing it, aren’t they?” Smith said. “There is a risk to the operator in that sense. What he really needs to do is provide a credible platform so that when you go on and play, you feel like you’re playing against somebody of roughly your level and therefore there’s a decent contest of skill involved.” It doesn’t matter if Ian Smith and the rest of the Esports Integrity Coalition wants it or not; Esports betting is about to become a reality. Unikrn is not stopping and nor they should. There is too much money in the game, and the popularity is about to blow up.

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