Live Betting for Sportsbook Operators

The newest way of placing bets and the most important in today’s betting world is definitely Live Betting. This is the crucial part of betting system for every sportsbook provider. Sportsbook without live betting offer, mainly do not have the resources or capable technology to handle constant odds and data updating for great amount of sports betting events.


Live betting is everything that happens from begging of the event to the very end of it. In this time frame, betting operators offer different types of betting options. Highly exciting and entertaining for bettors that can place bets while they are watching the game.


In UK, term for live betting is also in-play, because bettor can actively place bets on event while the play is going on.

Football is the number one sport when it comes to live betting, but for the past few years, basketball, tennis and ice hockey are big percent of the live betting too.


Right time for live betting


The most important thing in live betting in the eyes of bettor is to predict the exact moment or event that will happen during the game play. Right time for placing bet is everything. Price / odd at the right time will determine if the bet will be win or not.


What all this means for sportsbook operators?


Live betting is huge opportunity for business development. It takes almost 50% of all placed bets online. As an operator, you will have to have stable and fast platform to be able to answer all the customers requests nowadays. This also means that as an operator you will have to get your offer wider in sense of sports you are offering.


Football, tennis and basketball are must, but do not forget the other sports too, like volleyball, hockey and handball. If you are not able to develop platform by yourself in house – which can be time and money consuming, than you should consider to move your business to the next level by getting integration through third party systems such as Live In Play Betting Software Solution by Kayzor.

Besides providing the proper live betting feed, platform must have great user experience whether we are talking about desktop or mobile platform. Most of the bettors like to watch the game while placing bets, so you should consider including some streaming system in your platform too.


The importance of live betting is huge and nobody should underastime it. To be on the right track and a head of competition, sports betting platform must have live betting system.  


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