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Basketball betting systems and NCAA Tournament betting systems are something heavily searched on Google and other search engines because bettors are always looking for new ways to get an edge on the sportsbooks. After all, who doesn’t want to have an edge on the bookmakers, especially ones that aren’t apparent to the oddsmakers, or the majority of sportsbook managers.

NCAA Tournament Basketball Betting Systems

NCAA Tournament Basketball Betting SystemsThere are many sites that tout betting systems for college basketball and other sports and these often come with a fee. We would not encourage bettors to pay for these services. Sportsbooks can incorrectly price the market, but it makes little sense for someone with a sizeable undiscovered edge to give his advice away for free or charge a small fee for it. For the most part, as with paying for picks, paying for betting systems is usually a fool’s errand.

As mentioned above, bettors are not likely to give out this information for small fees or for free. Most of the people selling picks or betting systems to the masses are not winning at sports betting. They’re making a career off selling picks and betting systems to unsuspecting sports gamblers. We recommend reading our in-depth article on basketball betting systems and overall March Madness Betting Guide.

March Madness 2019 Basketball Betting Tips

Instead of offering up a basketball betting “system” for March Madness, we’ll over some surefire betting tips that will give gamblers a chance to win – no matter if they’re betting the tournament or any other sport.

Use Multiple March Madness Basketball Betting Sites

One of the biggest mistakes new bettors make is keeping their action at one sportsbook. Even if they have a smaller bankroll and can’t get the full amount of deposit bonuses – it’s still worth keeping balances at different sportsbooks. The reason is simple: line shopping. Half of sports betting is always trying to get the best price on your bets. One tactic is to utilize a recreational sportsbook, a reduced juice sportsbook, and a professional high-limit sportsbook to get an ideal selection of different lines and limits. Don’t miss reading about our recommended betting sites for the Big Dance!

March Madness Bet Propositions

There are props galore when it comes to March Madness, far more than there are during the regular reason. Propositions are one of the best markets for edges but have lower betting limits than significant markets. However, they’re an excellent bankroll builder for new bettors. Don’t force yourself to bet on sides and totals if you don’t find many edges. Everyone bets props during the tournament and limits are higher than usual for these tips of wagers. Find your edges, line shop, and place a +EV bet.

Reverse Line Movement

Reverse line movement is when the line moves in the opposite direction, despite the public betting on one side or total overwhelming. For instance, if 60% or more bets were coming in on Duke at -5.5 and the odds moved to -5 or lower instead of going to -6 or higher – that would be reverse line movement.

The issue that arises is betting stuff after a line move, instead of before a move. This is a spot where you can try to pick off sportsbooks that are slow to move or ones that are shading their odds towards recreational action. Fading the public isn’t a viable strategy if you do it blindly based on betting percentages (which are debatably accurate), but it does have more accuracy on the higher profile or more heavily-bet, games.

March Madness Betting At MyBookie Sportsbook

mybookie is one of our top-rated March Madness betting sites. It offers new players a 50% Bonus up to $1,000 on their first deposit. It accepts a variety of cashier methods, including several cryptocurrencies. These are processed for free when making a deposit or requesting a withdrawal. It has some of the highest limits for betting on college hoops.

Originally published: March 8, 2018
Content Updated: March 5, 2019

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