Nevada And New Jersey Rejected Request To Ban Spring Training Bets

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MajorThe MLB requested that states where sports betting is legal to ban action on spring training games. Of course, it was quickly rejected by the States of Nevada and New Jersey, which are the two that receive the most betting action.

MLB argues the conditions of spring training make its games more susceptible to fixing.

The direction comes from Commissioner Rob Manfred. Nevada and New Jersey ignored the request. But both send statements with the rejection.

“Based on our history and experience in regulating sports wagering, we are not inclined to prohibit our licensed sports books from taking wagers on MLB spring training games. We have a common goal to combat sports bribery and maintain the integrity of your sport and are available to discuss ways we can work together in this effort,”, the Nevada Gaming Control Board.

Different Approaches To The MLB Request

While New Jersey and Nevada quickly denied MLB’s request, Pennsylvania and Mississippi and didn’t take the issue lightly.

Like the other states. The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board received a call from Major League Baseball to prohibit wagering on spring training games.

But they did agree to follow the demand. Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board told the sports betting operators to refrain from offering wagers on spring training games.

The Mississippi Gaming Commission instead is examining the issue.

The USA sportsbooks said this is a clear battle for control. Since the sports betting bill passed, every league is pushing deals with different sportsbook, but at the same time trying to work out a cut of the winnings.

It’s pretty safe to say this is another layer in the argument. March is not a month dominated by MLB betting, so it’s pretty funny to see the league is attacking this angle.

March Madness usually takes most of the action and spring training is far in terms of hype and placed bets.

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