The Most Popular Football Bet Types

Sports betting on Football is the most common and popular way of betting. Majority of people place bets on final score or as we know it – 1X2 bets, but there are hundreds of bet types you can place on football. At this blog post, we will try to cover the most important ones. As can be seen from the listing below of the most popular football bet types, there are many different ways of betting on football matches.

Why you should know them all and have them on your betting platform? Well, bettors understand football and bet types online or at bet shops and in order for you to get closer to your customers, you will have to offer them most of bet types available.

So, here is the list of the most important ones beside final score.


Football Bet Types


1X2 – The most common and popular football bet type. 1 stands for home, X for draw and 2 as away team. With this bet type, bettor predicts final score or the match – who will win or the match will be draw.

Both Teams to Score – Very popular football bet type. All forms of scored goals count – including penalties and own goals. Bet will be settled, once bettor choose Yes or No.

Clean Sheet – Betting on whether team will maintain clean sheet by keeping opponents without scored goal. Same as previous bet type, bettor can choose Yes or No. Goals scored within scheduled 90 minutes plus any added injury time, will be included.

Correct Score / Exact Score – Bet where bettor has to predict exact score at the end of the normal – full time of the match.

Double Chance – Similar to final score, but in this bet type, bettor can choose one of the three sections 1X, 12 & 2X. Selecting bet, bettor choose two of the possible three outcomes. Betting options:

1X – at the end of normal time the home team wins or draws

X2 – at the end of normal time the away team wins or draws

1 2 – at the end of normal time the home team wins or the away team wins

Draw No Bet – Bet type where bettor is placing bet on winning full time score. If match ends wit draw, than bet will be void – stake money returned to the bettor. Extra time and penalty shootouts do not count. Bet can be placed for full time, 1st half only and 2nd half.

Goal Scorers – First Goal Scorer – Predict which player will score first. If selected player is not playing or enters the match after the first goal is scored, bets on that player should be void.

Last Goal Scorer – which player will score last. Anytime Goal Scorer – selected player will score goal during the full time.

FT – Bettor will have to predict the outcome of the 1st half and the outcome of the match at the end of normal time.

Handicap – In football betting world, handicap means virtual advantage of team. Goal advantage is considered as plus handicap for the outsider and will be applied to its final score. Goal disadvantage or minus handicap for the favourite is applied to its final score.

Over / Under – Bet placed will have to predict whether there will be more or less goals scored than the number of goals quoted. Especially popular at in play – live betting. Over / Under quotes are containing extra half goal added. This extra half goal, eliminates possibility of draw result. In this way, bet can have only two outcomes – win or lose.


Important Betting Rules


Full time – Normal time

Most of the pre match betting or live betting results are based on action during the 90 minutes of play. Those 90 minutes are called ‘Normal time’. Normal time or full time excludes extra time, shoot-outs and golden goals.

What if Match is postponed

There is a possibility that match can be postponed and that can affect outcome of the placed bets.

In this case, if bettor placed bets on a match that is postponed and played within 24h local time, than bet stands. But if match is postponed and rescheduled after that 24h time frame, than bet should be canceled and money should be returned to a bettor. If we are talking about multi-bets, than that postponed event will be ‘removed’ from ticket and remaining bet events will stand as valid.

Abandoned Match

If match is abandoned before the end of normal – full time and resumed and completed in 24 hours, every bet stands. But, if match is not completed within 24 hours, single bets should be cancelled and money returned to bettor. For multi-bets, game should be removed – void and remaining selections stands as valid. If match is abandoned and bets are already decided, than those bets are valid. For example, if bet is about first half and match is abandoned after first half.

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