Why you should choose Sports Betting as career?

We all love to watch sports all day long. Imagine if you could be actually paid for that. Watching multiple matches, entire wall of screens streaming different sports. Sounds surreal! Well, that is typical day of person in Sports Betting industry.


Sports Betting market is full of job opportunities. Employers across the world are trying to find people who knows sports and not only knows, but truly loves sports. Most of them are looking for somebody who would love to sit all day and watch the game. Mostly, those kind of jobs are for online sportsbook.

Scope of work is of course not just watching the games all day. You should have some specific set of skills – some of them you will learn at the job. So, you must be open minded and willing to learn. Top skill is passion for sports and can lead you to change your mind in how you see your everyday work.


This choice can be challenging in many ways. Luckily, online sportsbook is in blum and there are multiple points where you can enter the industry. Like in other online business there are positions like product executives, developers, marketing experts and traders. Listed job positions are high demanding at every level of expertise.


Betting Industry evolution in digital world


Today, you can place bets on almost everything and without any time and location restrictions. Digital industry revolution helped online sportsbook expansion. And since that point, sportsbook online platforms are building continuously. Besides sports, today you can place bets on current affairs, weather, politics, eSports games.


All this lead to huge progress in growing sports betting platform across the internet. Mainly, sportsbook operators are registered at UK, Malta and Gibraltar because of regulatory authorities there. As a result, we have online sportsbook operators and suppliers across Europe and worldwide. Gambling, sportsbook, online sports betting are all controlled by jurisdiction regulations.

Main sport and most popular in betting industry in Europe is Football and takes 75% of all betting activities. In UK, situation is a bit different. Horse racing is still highly important part of betting industry in UK and takes 40% of betting activities there.  


How Online Sportsbooks Work


Whole process of sports betting in previous days were managed by traders. And those professionals are still big deal in sportsbook operations. Besides traders, algorithms and statistical automation leveled up betting processes.

There is an preconception that running a sports betting company is easy money. But the margins are quite different than your expectations. Because of digital expansion, competition is huge on the market. This all leads to margin of 10% and it can goes as low as 2-3% on first and most important leagues.


Fresh Talent And New Ideas Needed


Although most processes are automated now in sports betting, there are new positions growing within sports betting industry – especially online platforms.

Most important is user experience. The crucial part is to develop sports betting platform that is optimized for users in every way. Platform must be fast and delivering fresh odds and stats, must be reachable from most devices. Main accent is on mobile platforms. More than half bets are placed on mobile devices. Having fast, great interface designed and high usability mobile app or mobile website is fundamental for online business development.

Sports betting industry is growing fast and evolves almost on daily basis. This is the main reason why there is increased need for people like eCommerce developers, finance and tech marketing. Creativity and competitive spirit are must have features to be ahead of the competition.

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